Westerly Plus – What is it, and why should you care?

Westerly Plus – what is it? How about a better question – why should you care about Westerly+?

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A little over 6 years ago, a quest began to improve the media situation in this town.  I had just moved back from Alaska and was settling into my Westerly Life.  Looking for things to do and learn about the town was a complete nightmare due to the lack of quality town focused websites.

I had to go to an obscene amount of websites to find something to do.  Information was so fragmented that it was a complete mess.  To top it off, if a business wasn’t a member of any of the organizations located in this fine town, they were left out of the conversation.

Westerly Directory

It takes a lot of money to open a small business and it is the duty of the entrepreneur to be frugal with their spending.  To add insult to injury, these organizations were asking for more money just to be listed in there business directory.  Really?

That’s why we added a 100% FREE business directory to our platform at Westerly Plus.  We have almost 1,000 local businesses listed in our directory and can be found here – Westerly Directory .

Westerly Events

Another pain point for me when I moved back, was the absence of a decent events calendar.  Like with the directory, I had to go to an insurmountable amount of websites and Facebook pages to find events.  By the time you came across something you wanted to do, it was too late!

Well we fixed that too on Westerly+.  Our events calendar has a ridiculous amount of events happening all over Westerly.  We scour the Internet and Facebook to find these events happening in Westerly and publish them in our technologically advanced calendar software (it’s the best calendar software the Internet has to offer).  This is 100% free for businesses as-well-as the end user – Westerly Events .

Westerly Plus | Misquamicut looking towards Weekapaug

Westerly News

Westerly+ is more than a fancy business directory and events calendar.  You are reading this article on our news platform – Westerly News.  Right now we are a news magazine covering local stories that make Westerly, and the surrounding area, a fantastic place to live.  In the coming months we will be adding local news stories, as-well-as state and regional stories.

Westerly Live

Our Live broadcasting platform (live streaming) has been in operation since the pandemic started, when we broadcast our first Westerly High School sporting event.  Since then, it has grown to what it is now.  We are the premier live streaming company in the area, covering public events such as sports, parades, news, live concerts, etc.

Our private live streaming business is also doing very well and includes weddings – , funerals, fundraisers, and other events that are for a select group of people.

Westerly Radio

Our streaming radio station is a value added service where we broadcast music 24/7 and broadcast the Westerly Bulldog varsity sports program.  We will continue to build this portion of our platform with original content.

Westerly Plus

Shane, how the hell can you offer all of these outstanding services for free?  Well, we utilize a sponsorship model by creating ads for our partner businesses.  We diversified our business model and have many revenue streams.  We utilize AI and many other tech forward tools to create our web app and all of our products.

So why should you care and utilize our services?  That question is for you to answer.  Traditional media has failed us time and time again.  They are stuck in the past using outdated technology and processes.  These media companies that are hanging on by their finger nails refuse to change, and put the blame on you, the end-user.

Westerly+ is not a traditional app, but rather what is called a web app.  There is nothing to download – everything happens in the cloud.  App aversion is a real thing and we removed that pain point for you.

So there you have it.  Westerly+ is everything you are looking for to help you navigate our amazing town.  We will continue to push the envelope with the free products we offer our users, and we will continue to promote local business for a fair price.

For more local Westerly info check out the new Westerly+

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  1. Who took your aerial photos of the Misquamicut Club? I’m looking for a very similar picture. Thanks!!

    1. We produce all of our media in-house. I am also an FAA certified drone pilot and we are for hire! Shoot me an email and we can discuss further –

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